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The fourth tractate in the Order of Taharoth, dealing mainly with the laws of the Red Heifer (Para Adumah).

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Which of the 9 Parah Adumahs that have existed was from Dama ben Nesina?

Kiddushin 31a teaches us the famous story of Dama ben Nesina, ie a gentile who refused to sell the Chachamim a precious stone for the ephod since doing so would wake up his father. The gemara ...
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Does language change affect what hyssop is valid for the ḥatat ritual?

In Parah 11:7, we learn that hyssop that is called simply "hyssop" (אזוב) is valid for use in sprinkling mei ḥatat, but hyssop that has an accompanying name (such as "blue hyssop", etc.) is unfit. Is ...
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Is regular tahara implied by "b'makom tahor"?

Mishna Para 10:3 begins קָלָל שֶׁל חַטָּאת שֶׁנָּגַע בְּשֶׁרֶץ, טָהוֹר. נְתָנוֹ עַל גַּבָּיו, רַבִּי אֱלִיעֶזֶר מְטַהֵר, וַחֲכָמִים מְטַמְּאִים. [The water inside] a chatas bucket that touched an ...
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Why use/repeat this phrase in the mishna?

In eight mishnayyot (Keilim 8:4, Parah 8:2–7, Tahorot 8:7), we find the following odd phrase. הרי זה אומר מטמאיך לא טימאוני ואתה טימאתני It says: that which made you tamei didn't make me tamei, but ...
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pouring mey chatat on a tattoo

The Mishnah in Parah 8:2 teaches that if the mey chatat (parah adumah water) gets poured on someone's shoes or clothes, that water is not fit to be used for the parah adumah anymore. However, if it ...
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