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Tractate containing laws of produce that is forbidden for the first three years

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How much is "k'dei l'chametz"?

How much is "enough sourdough to ferment"? Orla 2:6 refers to it as a qualitative measure, independent of the 200:1 ratio which is the quantitative measure that would render the sourdough indelible ...
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"Saving up" an explanation on Orlah 3 (Tosafos Yom Tov)

The third chapter of Orlah lists several cases in which some illegal orlah produce needs to be destroyed to prevent it from being consumed or profited from. In the penultimate mishna, the last case ...
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How long does soil need to last?

If you move a tree with its soil, it's considered replanted (so the rules of orla kick in) unless it can live off of the soil you're moving it with. (Masechet Orla 1,3 see Rambam.) Clearly "if it can ...
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