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Tractate of Mishna and Talmud that deal with the laws of nazirites.

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What is a Safek Muchlat? (i.e. unsure if he's a full-fledged Metzora)

The Mishna in Nazir 8:2 (Daf 59b and various other times in tractate Nazir) discusses a person who may or may not be a Metzora that is supposed to be sent out of the city walls. To quote with the ...
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Numeric coincidence between Rava and Tosefta?

Nazir 13b: Rava asks: If one said: I am hereby a nazirite after twenty days, and I am hereby a nazirite from now for one one hundred days, what is the halakha? The next page resolves the question: ...
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Nazir benefiting from grapes/wine

If somebody vows to be a Nazir, are they still allowed to benefit from wine and grapes? Like would they be able to sell wine and grapes to non Nazir people? Or is it like milk and meat or chametz on ...
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