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The Sixth Tractate in the Order of Tohoros, dealing with the laws related to mikvaot (ritual baths)- how they are to be constructed, how they can be rendered unfit, and the laws of tevilah (ritual immersion)

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Ice for mikva now that mikvaot are closed [closed]

Since now there is a difficulty with mikvaot. Can one make ice in a freezer put it into an empty mikva and then warm it up. Would that be kosher.
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Picture Mishnayos for Masechtas Mikvaos

Does anybody know any good picture mishnayos for masechtas mikvaos. There is no Mishnah Behirah on it.
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Dipping in a basket vs. on a bench

Note that a spring is usable as a mikva for some purposes (e.g., a zav or m'tzora's dipping) and in some conditions (viz, with fewer than forty s'a and/or while not pooled) that a mikva is not. ...
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