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Maariv, מעריב (also spelled Ma'ariv, known as Arvit) is a Jewish prayer service held in the evening.

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Answering "amen" to "Ahavas olam" in the evening but not in the morning

Mishna B'rura (61:16) cites a difference of opinion regarding whether one should respond "amen" to the shatz's (leader's) blessing immediately before "Sh'ma" or should, on the contrary, finish saying ...
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Why do we say "Mah Tovu" in the morning only?

Many say the paragraph “Mah Tovu” when entering the synagogue in the morning. See, for example, here and here. מַה טּבוּ אהָלֶיךָ יַעֲקב מִשְׁכְּנתֶיךָ יִשְׂרָאֵל. וַאֲנִי בְּרב חַסְדְּךָ אָבא ...
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Psalms after the evening prayer

The other day I was discussing with a friend the daily recital of Psalm 83 after the morning prayer, when this friend told me that it was also said after the evening prayer if it was said early,* and ...
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Should I alter my schedule to daven Minchah with a minyan?

Is it better to wait to daven Minchah K’tanah if there’s a chance one could be finished working before sunset? Or is it okay to daven Minchah Gedolah and join the minyan for Ma’ariv, even though one ...
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Chantation or singing Baruch Adonai L'Olam

Within the prayer Baruch Adonai L'Olam (Maariv) there is this part reading ברוך יי ביום ברוך יי בלילה ברוך יי בשכבנו ברוך יי בקומנו what I would like to know it there is some melody to sing or ...
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Bathroom break during maariv

If a person begins Maariv and has just answered Barchu, and then realizes that they are going to have to go to the bathroom before they can say Shemoneh Esrei, when is the best time to go? Should ...
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Eating after shkiah before Maariv

If one started a meal right before shkiah or during bein hashmoshis what should they do? My question is prompted from the halacha that one may not eat before praying Maariv. However with that said I ...
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Starting Maariv prayers before dawn and finishing after dawn

If one accidentally fell asleep, and woke up quite late and then started Maariv prayers, and managed to get through the Shema and part of the Amidah before dawn, but finished the Amidah after dawn (...
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Unknown barechu on Friday Asarah Beteiveit

I've been thinking about this for a while, and this question reminded me. If you're walking past a shul between plag and shkiya on Friday Asarah Beteiveit and you hear Barechu but don't know if it ...
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Fireworks on Motzei Shabbos

Municipal fireworks displays in the US are often held on Saturday night, just as it is getting dark -- i.e. right at tzeis hakochavim, time for Ma'ariv, Havdalah, etc. Assuming there is a vantage ...
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Lighting after maariv in shul

At my shul, the first maariv minyan on Chanukah is after teitz hachocavim (5:15, in Eretz Yisroel). It takes a couple minutes until there are ten people, and when ten people arrived some members ...
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Chazan waiting for individual with yahrtzeit

If there are 10 individuals finished maariv shmone esrei, should/must the chazan wait for the mourner with a yahrtzeit to finish davening? (Assuming there is no particular rule for the shul) Is there ...
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Answering Amen to Baruch Hashem L'Olam in Ma'ariv

There are different practices regarding inserting the 18 verses of Baruch Hashem L'Olam between the Sh'ma and the Amida in Ma'ariv. This site points to one reason for not saying them: The rishonim ...
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Was there a custom of praying twice a day and what was it like?

The Talmud [Berachot 26b] gives two opinions about the origin of the daily prayers: Prayers replace two daily sacrifices in the Temple. Prayers are composed in honor of the forefathers Abraham, ...
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Why is chosenness removed in the evening prayer?

In the morning service we say Ahavah Rabbah: Baruch atta HaShem ha-bocher b'ammo Yisrael be-ahava (Blessed are You, O Lord, Who has chosen His people Israel with love.) In the evening service we say ...
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Must there be a break between mincha and Ma'ariv?

I've been to various minyanim in my neighborhood. I gather that a minyan is allowed to daven Ma'ariv once shki'ah has occurred. What I have seen is that both minyanim began Mincha before shki'ah and ...
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Missing " Borechu " by Maariv

If one misses ברכו at מעריב , should he rush his שמונה עשרה in order to say it after Davening ?
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