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Questions relating to the requirement of one to put a railing on his roof.

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Is the obligation of parapet on the owner of resident

According to Halacha, is the mitzvah for Jews to establish a parapet on certain types of roofs an obligation on the resident or owner of the property? Is it the same din as a mezuzah?
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Why isn't maakeh in the Tur?

The chapters in Shulchan Aruch generally follows those in Tur, with a couple of exceptions here and there. One of those exceptions is that SA adds a final chapter, 427, to Choshen Mishpat discuss the ...
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"Ma'akeh" (fence on the roof) on a shul nowadays

It says in the Rambam that a Beis HaKneses (a special place for prayer which has many certain laws about it) is not required to have a "ma'akeh" (a fence on the roof). I believe the same is ...
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Are bushes acceptable for elevations that require a maakeh, a fence?

If evergreen bushes span the entire length of a side of a porch, at about waist-height for someone on the porch, do the bushes remove the need for a railing? The difference being that a railing can be ...
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What height porch requires a railing?

What are the different opinions of heights (in American or metric units) that requires a railing for the side of a porch?
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