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Any Halachic problems with app publishing?

I'm currently in the process of developing a mobile app, that, be'h will have various Israel related feeds. I was wondering if there could be any Halachic issues with respect to including news feeds ...
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Believing loshon hara from before conversion

There is a negative commandment forbidding believing negative things about Jews (whether it is permissible to believe about non Jews is a point of contention, and for the purposes of this question let'...
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Does mesirah apply to organizations other than the government?

Inspired by a good question asked here that did not receive any serious answers. Are there prohibitions (under mesirah or elsewhere) on turning over a fellow Jew to authorities other than the ...
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If a Jewish neighbor becomes the subject of a scandal, is it loshon hara to follow it in the press?

It has happened a few times -- Jewish neighbors or acquaintances, some of them communal leaders and/or public figures -- have been arrested and charged with a crime or crimes of such a nature they are ...
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Does רבינו יונה hold that the source of the prohibition for Loshon Hora is אונאת דברים?

In the 3rd Shaar of Shaarei Teshuvah he gives a passuk in the Torah for each עבירה (sin). If so, why in #214 does he begin explaining Loshon Hora (LH) with the issur of אונאת דברים and an example ...
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