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2 answers

Saying loshon hara to a spouse or close relative

Are there any relationships within which loshon hara is permitted? I guess I mean loshon hara that is said for a purpose--but perhaps not purposes which would meet the strict halachic criteria for ...
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4 answers

Loshon hara to a therapist

Is saying things that would otherwise be considered loshon hara permitted in the context of mental health therapy? I am not familiar with the details of therapeutic schools, but I understand that ...
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13 votes
1 answer

Loshon Hara against public Jewish and non-Jewish figures

Both American and Israeli politics, and of course those of other democracies, can include a lot of personal attacks, both true and untrue, including innuendo about possible adultery, gay or straight, ...
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Loshon hara vs. Honor code

Note: This question is in fact hypothetical--but any suggestions for edits that could make it a less ostensibly CYLOR-type question would be welcome. Let's say I attend a university which requires ...
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2 answers

Is the Torah Lashon HaRah

Is it possible that the Torah could be considered Lashon HaRah? It describes personal information about both individuals and groups of people and documents their good, bad, and indifferent behaviours. ...
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Any Halachic problems with app publishing?

I'm currently in the process of developing a mobile app, that, be'h will have various Israel related feeds. I was wondering if there could be any Halachic issues with respect to including news feeds ...
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2 answers

Loshon hara against non-Jews?

It would seem to be ethically(1) and Jewishly(2) inadvisable--but is there actually a halacha against speaking loshon hara about non-Jews? Related: Loshon Hara against public Jewish and non-Jewish ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Speaking lashon hara about someone who does not mind

Is it permitted to say negative things about someone when the person spoken about says that he does not mind and does not care if people speak negatively about him?
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2 answers

Asking a shaila with Loshon Hara

Can you say loshon hara for the purposes of asking a shaila (i.e., of a rav)? Must you meet the Chofetz Chaim's seven prerequisites for saying constructive loshon hara in order to do so in this case? ...
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Is it loshon hora to downvote an answer on mi yodeya? [duplicate]

Is it loshon hora to downvote an answer on this website? I am asking this because perhaps it would be saying that someone has a bad answer, and maybe that would be giving off a bad impression of them.