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Questions tagged [lo-tachmod]

Questions regarding the commandment not to covet.

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Is advertising ever Lifnei iver for lo tachmod

Do a lot of advertisements ever constitute Lifnei iver for lo tachmod? The reason I ask is because the prohibition of coveting someone else’s goods (Lo Tachmod) seems more likely if one is culturally ...
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When is desiring another man's property permitted

Reading the Rambam Hilchot G'zela V'aveda Halacha 9-10: Anyone who covets a servant, a maidservant, a house or utensils that belong to a colleague, or any other article that he can purchase from him ...
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Don't covet? Don't steal? What exactly is חמד in the Aseret Hadibrot?

The Aseret Hadibrot include a commandment against stealing ( לא תגנב) and one against adultery, and then later include לא תחמד, which is usually translated "do not covet" (including by JPS). It then ...
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