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Questions tagged [lo-taamod-al-dam-reyecha]

A phrase that appears in Leviticus 19:16, literally meaning "do not stand on the blood of your fellow". Broadly taken as an injunction against standing idly by while harm befalls someone else.

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Lashon hara l'toeles, with ulterior motives

The chafetz Chaim writes in Hilchos Lashon Hara (10:2) that one of the conditions of being allowed to relate lashon hara l'toeles, (for example to save someone from getting hurt), is that the person ...
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Does Yehareg v’al Yaavor apply to lo sa’amod?

The Gemara (Sanhedrin 74a) derives that one must give up his life rather than murder someone else because “who says that your blood is redder than his?” That is, who said you have more of a right to ...
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Stealing cigarettes

Say that Reuven smokes. Shimon knows that smoking causes lung cancer, and has tried everything he can think of to help Reuven stop. For that matter, he's gotten the other ten Shevatim, the Avos, and ...
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Is one obligated to do some kind of Jewish outreach today [duplicate]

Considering the high assimilation / intermarriage rates today, is there an obligation to try to do some kind of outreach according to one's ability (either personally such as shabbat guests or ...
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Is it a mitzvah to save someone from execution by Beth Din?

I am wondering how the laws of pikuach nefesh might apply to a situation of mitath beth din. Would bystanders be obliged to save the condemned from his lawful execution? What about members of the beth ...
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