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Is Absurdism Compatible with Judaism? [closed]

I have been getting into the works of the French philosopher Albert Camus, who is the face of the philosophical idea of "The Absurd" or "Absurdism". I was wondering if this ...
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Did Rabbis in the Shtetl dip their shoes in water to travel on Shabbat?

Edit: I was informed that this is found in one of Sholem Aleichem's books. If you could help me figure out which one, I would appreciate it. I heard from someone I know that back in the Shtetl, Rabbis ...
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Are there examples in Tanach of 3 or more parties having an ongoing conversation?

From what I have seen in reading Tanach every conversation is between two parties and two parties only. Sometimes those parties consist of 1 person and other times of several people for example "And ...
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Sources on mystical and spiritual meaning of Brit Milah?

What are some good sources discussing the mystical and spiritual meaning of Brit Milah as well as how it affects one's spirit/life/etc?
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Judges Chapter 9 and Aesop's Fable

In the book of Judges 9:8-15 we have the following fable: 8 The trees went forth on a time to anoint a king over them; and they said unto the olive-tree: Reign thou over us. 9 But the olive-...
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poetical works authored by women?

Are there any examples of songs, poems, piyyutim or kinnot from the time of the first temple until the 1700's (c.e.) which were authored by women and were adopted by traditional/orthodox communities. ...
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Are the Psalms for us?

The Psalms of David all seem to be about his joy or his sadness, crying out to Hashem. But to make it clear, are these Psalms for us as well: when we sing them do we also pray them? Or are we talking ...
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Reading Shakespeare

Is someone allowed to read Shakespeare, as Shakespeare was an anti-Semite (ex/ Merchant of Venice)? Is someone's not allowed to, what should he do if he's in a situation where he cannot avoid it, ...
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What is the Testament of Hezekiah? I know it exists, but can't locate it

I am currently reading up on of apocryphal and pseudopigagraphical literature, and I see on a list that the Testament of Hezekiah is enumerated as one of them. However, I cannot locate a source or any ...
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Is there any support for the claim that tekhelet and argaman could be derived from the same creature?

Is there any indication in Chazal (or at least in other ancient literature) that tekhelet and argaman could be derived from the same creature (as currently proposed by the Tekhelet Institute)?
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Jean Valjean and Halacha

Note: This question is assuming that the character in question were Jewish, rather than Catholic. It is merely using the situations as examples. In the musical adaptation of the Victor Hugo classic, ...
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Why do books say "ספר" on them?

Why do Jewish books often say "ספר" on the spine, cover, or cover page? The word is synonymous with "book" in modern Hebrew, and some closely related concept like "document" or "scroll" in Tana"ch. ...
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Source for the quotation, "More than Jews have kept the sabbath..."

I have heard and seen in print many times the quotation attributed to Achad Ha'am that "more than Jews have kept the sabbath, the sabbath has kept the Jews" (exemplified in all its unattributed ...
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Learn more about the Ramchal's plays

Apparently the Ramchal wrote several plays. What are they about? Where can I find full text (I found Migdal Oz here - preferably translated? Have Gedolei Yisroel discussed how to approach these ...
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