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non-wine alcoholic beverages: liquor (whiskey, vodka, liqueur, slivovitz, etc.), beer, hard cider, etc.

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Alcohol sales despite government monopoly

Many places have government imposed alcohol monopolies and private retailers of alcoholic beverages are forbidden. As alcohol, especially (red) wine, has a central place in Jewish practice and as ...
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Kosher flavored beer without certification on the bottle?

I've always heard that the rule in the United States is that domestic non-microbrewery/craft unflavored beer needs no certification as kosher, as all such beers are kosher, but that any other beer (...
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Is Bourbon chometz gomur or tarovot chometz?

On first look bourbon - legally >50% corn, usually 70%+ - is a mix of corn and chometz whiskey, so should be a chometz mix, not chometz gomur. (Assuming that wheat and barley whiskey & beer are ...
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Aged tequila on Pessach

I've noticed that the lists of aged (reposado and añejo) tequila approved for Pessach went from a fairly sizeable number in 5780 down to two in 5781. Someone I know, who is an executive in a ...
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Are Lindeman's fruit lambic beers endorsed as kosher by any other agencies?

Lindeman's Beer has a hechsher from the Triangle K. This hechsher is recommended (by many kosher agencies) only for certain products. Is there another organization that has also verified the koshrus ...
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Drinking socially during the Three Weeks

Is there any problem with drinking socially during the Three Weeks? Background: My Rav held that large social gatherings even without music give a person more Simḥah than privately listening to music,...
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Is arak kosher for pesach without a specific P hechsher?

I have a bottle of The Spirit of Jaffa Arak (ערק הניחוחות של יפו) with a regular circle-K hechsher as well as hashgachat-badatz-yerushalayim. Is there any reason this shouldn't be kosher for passover ...
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Is there kosher spreadable whiskey-infused preserves?

I am looking for spreadable whiskey that is kosher. I cannot find any sites, be it kosher certification sites or product sites, which even discuss kosher spreadable whiskey. From my search of the ...
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Are Hops kosher for passover without certification?

Inspired by my idea is instead of using bread to use matzah as the source of fermentable sugars. The ingredients for modern beer "usually" are malt, water, ...
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Lucky Buddha Beer

does anyone know if the beer lucky buddha beer is kosher? it is a beer made in china? does anyone know if it has been certified kosher by any establishment? Please let me know
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