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Why did people in biblical times live for so long?

The Tanakh records many instances in which people lived exceptionally long lifespans, some even nearing 1,000 years old. There tends to be a trend in the recorded ages, in that the earlier generations ...
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How can we compare a Ba'al Ga'avah who did teshuva to avraham avinu?

It says in Masechet Sotah 5a: דָרַש רַב עֲוְִירָא זִמְנִין אָמַר לָהּ מִשְּמֵיהּ דְרַב אַסִּי וְְזִמְנִין אָמַר לָהּ מִשְּמֵיהּ דְרַב אַמִי כָל אָדָם שֶיֵּש בוֹ גַּסּוּת הָרוּחַ לַסּוֹף מִתְמַעֵט ...
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Jewish life during the times of the Black Death [closed]

I'm looking for any sources (if possible maybe even first-hand written accounts) of how Jews who lived in Western Europe at that time handled this particular period. Anything goes, matter of fact ...
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Is there any significance to the age at which Methuselah died?

Bresheit 5:27 records the death of Methuselah as 969 years. His is the longest lifespan recorded in the Torah. Is there any meaning for his death at such an age, or is there significance to the ...
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What's so special about Avraham and Sarah's ages?

Related is this question, but I think it's waaaay too narrow in focus. In fact, I went through the entire Torah, picking out any place where a year contained more than one nonzero digit and sorted ...
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What age can I live to?

Are there any Torah sources that imply that a person can not live past the age of 120 ? Have there been verified cases of people living past 120 ?
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