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Story about moving on in life? [closed]

Is there any story about a tragedy or something bad happening, yet someone moved on in life and continued fulfilling their duties? This can be from the Torah, but preferabally a more modern time story!...
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Is there a specific subset of Halacha which validates the need of Jewish soldiers to be selfless with their lives?

Judaism separates itself from the other Abrahamic faiths in that we are extremely serious about preserving life. In other faiths, martyrdom isn't something which just occurs due to circumstance but is ...
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If one is unhappy with a religion and way of life, is he/she permitted to leave it and move on?

Lately I've been unhappy and without enthusiasm and desire in yiddishkeit and just unfulfilled. I'm having issues with just everything from not finding and getting answers to questions i need when i ...
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Yehareg v'al yaavor by brain death

One must submit to death rather than murder another based on the equivalent value of all lives. There's much debate about if brain death qualifies as death in halacha. My question relates to if one ...
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