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Questions tagged [lending-interest-ribbis]

The prohibition on lending or borrowing at interest. Also known as usury.

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5 answers

Why does the Torah forbid interest only on loans to Jews?

Why aren't we allowed to charge a Jew interest but we're allowed to charge a non-Jew?
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1 answer

Corporations, Jewish Shareholders and Interest

How many Jewish shareholders does a corporation or bank have to have in order for the prohibitions on lending or borrowing at interest to apply? Is one Jewish shareholder sufficient, or does it ...
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13 votes
2 answers

ribis and foreign currency conversion

I am afraid that I have only recently started to study this kind of thing and I completely unlearned compared to most of the contributors here, so I apologize if my question is somewhat ...
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How do Interest Loans work in Israel?

From my understanding, banks in Israel still issue loans at an interest whether it be for commercial businesses or new home owners. However, I was also told that they have a process in Israel where ...
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An actual Heter Iska Agreement

Can anyone provide a copy of an actual heter iska agreement used for example by a bank in Israel for purposes of business loans or mortgages? I don't mean a haskama that such and such bank operates ...
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9 votes
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Am I allowed to get miles or points for a loan?

Suppose me and my good friend Shimon are in a store shopping. Shimon wants to borrow $100 from me for his purchase. I graciously agree, but instead of giving Shimon cash, I swipe my credit card for ...
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Lending Money and Inflation

When lending money, Jews are not allowed to charge other Jews interest. However, due to inflation, the value of money decreases with time, such that the money that is repaid is worth less than that ...
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3 answers

Ribbis and Ona'ah in Monopoly

In a game like Monopoly, where the "money" is absolutely worthless, would charging ribbis (interest) or ona'ah (overcharging/undercharging) be permissible? That is, if a player owned, say, ...
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How is a heter iska made to work with a non-business loan?

I understand that a heter iska is basically a method of restructuring a loan as an investment, done in such a way that the lender/investor is more-or-less guaranteed to get his capital back, plus a ...
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Are magazine subscriptions ribbis?

There are many Jewish weekly or monthly publications (e.g. magazines) that offer the following deal: Individual copies of the magazine are priced at say, $5 each. But, if you "subscribe" by paying in ...
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If magazine subscriptions are ribbis, are bus tokens, postage stamps, and other pay-in-advance items also ribbis?

This answer to another ribbis question indicates that deals of the form "subscribe and save X% over news-stand prices" are ribbis and thus forbidden. Does this principle apply to other items you pay ...
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Forbidden business practices in games

Charging interest or surplussage on real loans to a fellow Jew is forbidden but may one do so with in-game play money or with in-game commodities?
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Would an Islamic Bank Account be preferable to a Jew?

Islamic bank accounts do not involve interest or fees for loans of money and prevents the bank from investing your money in various questionable businesses, like the pork and sex industries. Would it ...
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Are you allowed to borrow money from another Jew with interest?

So ... I understand you're not allowed to lend money to another Jew with interest, I won't get into the question of why. Does this mean you're also not allowed to accept money from another Jew, where ...
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Paying more for an item -- Ribis?

I will ask the question using the following scenario: Reuvan wrote a sefer that he was charging for it 50 Shekels. Came along Shimon who wanted to buy the sefer. At that time he didn't have money on ...
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What defines a loan and interest?

What specifically is it that defines a loan ( as opposed to an investment / partnership ) and interest ( as opposed to profit ) under Jewish law? This is what I've come up with: Regarding an ...
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Is lending cryptocurrency ribbis?

If I would lend a fellow Jew a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Cardano, Dogecoin, Polygon, Etherium, etc. would there be a ribbis issue? Do we look at it like lending someone a dollar which there ...
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