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Kuzari and Samaritanism

I want to know how the kuzari principle can hold in light of the history of Sammaritanism as a religion. By our chronology, the Samaritan population illegitimately converted and were all convinced ...
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Does Shoftim 2:10 refute the Kuzari argument?

Shoftim 2:10 states that a generation arose which: לא ידעו את ה' וגם את המעשה אשר עשה לישראל knew not the L-rd, nor yet the work which he had done for Yisrael This either means that we literally ...
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Rambam and R' Yehuda Halevi

Is there any evidence that Rambam was familiar with the writings of R' Yehuda Halevi? The more concrete the better.
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