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Do the Crimean Jews have stories about the Khazars?

It seems reasonable to say that the (Jewish) Khazars fleeing the destruction of their state by the Rus' could have joined the Crimean Jews. Do the Crimean Jews themselves have any info on the Khazars? ...
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Kuzari and Samaritanism

I want to know how the kuzari principle can hold in light of the history of Sammaritanism as a religion. By our chronology, the Samaritan population illegitimately converted and were all convinced ...
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Does Shoftim 2:10 refute the Kuzari argument?

Shoftim 2:10 states that a generation arose which: לא ידעו את ה' וגם את המעשה אשר עשה לישראל knew not the L-rd, nor yet the work which he had done for Yisrael This either means that we literally ...
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Rambam and R' Yehuda Halevi

Is there any evidence that Rambam was familiar with the writings of R' Yehuda Halevi? The more concrete the better.
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