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2 votes
3 answers

What was Korach's argument?

B"H A simple reading of Parshas Korach and Rashi seems to imply that Korach was denying Moshe's authenticity entirely, including the Torah itself, which is the prophecy of Moshe. He asks why do ...
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1 answer

Why did Korach's group get a different form of death?

It’s clear from simple reading of the text that Korach died by getting swallowed up by the ground while the 250 people died by getting consumed by a fire Question is why didn’t they all die of the ...
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1 vote
3 answers

According to Korach, why was Moshe still the leader?

Korach and his companions accused Moshe of inventing Mitzvot and of placing himself and his favorites in places of high importance. Didn`t they think that God Himself would remove Moshe from his post ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Did Korach's controversy "endure"?

The Mishnah says: Every controversy that is leshem shamayim -- for the sake of Heaven -- will endure. But one that is not for the sake of Heaven will not endure. Which is a controversy that is for ...
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