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Was there an alert system in place in the Mikdash for cases of an invalid shechita creating tum'as neveila?

Was there a טומאה alert/lockdown system in the מקדש mentioned in Shas or anywhere else? Each בהמה that was sacrificed would carry an inherent risk of טומאת נבלה if something went wrong with the ...
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Is there no punishment to slaughtering an animal on Yom Kippur?

Well I know that generally it's אסור (if not for פיקוח נפש). My question is really regarding slaughtering a קרבן in the בית המקדש outside of the עבודת היום. The gemara in יומא (סב:) has a discussion ...
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Are Kohanim of a mishmar REQUIRED to work, or can they opt not to?

Background: Mishna Yevamos 100. The mishna discusses a Kohen of uncertain lineage citing an example of someone who may be the son of two different men, both of whom are Kohanim. We KNOW for certain ...
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Why is a Parah Aduma kodesh with קדושת בדק הבית?

See Gemara in Yuma 42a and Rambam Hilchos Parah 1:7. If it's a korban, then it should have full kdushas korban, and if it's not, then why isn't it completely chullin?
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Trying to find a mekor that if someone is leaning on something, it's considered as if he is fully standing on it

I'm learning the gemara in Zvachim 19b that says that if a Kohein is leaning on another Kohein, his avoda is kasher if not for the din amida of לשרת. My question is if this is considered like he is ...
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Any good sefarim to learn basics of Kodshim?

does anyone know of any Seforim that are good introductions/ basics of Kodshim? (They can be in Hebrew/ English) Thank you so much in advance!
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Pirush on Tamid

Ezra and I have been learning the gemara of Tamid over the phone. In the standard edition (Vilna and subsequent) there is one main pirush (presumably the same one as in the other minor Kodashim ...
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Rashi quoting Yerushalmi on Kodshim

I haven't learned Seder Kodshim before, and I understand there's no Talmud Yerushalmi on Seder Kodshim, but I saw in a bunch of places in maseches Temurah where Rashi quotes "loshon Yerushalmi" (...
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Is there any responsa from the early 1900's discussing how it was proven that the Yerushalmi Kodshim was fake?

Quick background (link): In 1907–1909, Shlomo Yehuda Algazi-Friedländer, a mysterious man from the town of Szatmár in Transylvania, published what he claimed to be the long-lost tractates of ...
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consequences of minor tumah nowadays

In a comment on this question that is now deleted, DoubleAA said something to the effect of Yes you become impure by sitting on the seat, but anyone who needs to care about the consequences of ...
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What type of korban may be brought jointly by more than one person?

The Pesach offering is brought on behalf of a group, who then eat it. What other types of sacrifices may be brought jointly, by 2 or more people?
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How does one build a mizbeah?

Are there specifications to build a mizbeah? I understand that stones were used , are there other requirements? Can one build a mizbeah in our days?
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How can you bring a korban if it is not yours?

As soon as I am makdish (sanctify) an animal for a korban it is now owned by the beis hamikdash. To the extent that if I were to use that animal to do work for me I would be chayav for meilah (...
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What happened to the rest of masechet Meilah -- it ends at 22a but the daf yomi calendar says it goes to 37?

This daf yomi calendar says that Meilah goes to 37, so I was surprised to discover that my digital copy of the Soncino edition of talmud ends it at 22a. This is also true of the copy at, ...
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