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Is Mashuah Klaf valid for sta’’m

According to Halacha, are Sefer Torahs/tefillin/mezuzot with Mashuah Klaf kosher and valid? Or due to the separation between the writing and the parchment, is it invalid and unusable for the ...
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How many cows are required to obtain the parchment of a typical Sefer Torah?

How many cows are required to obtain the parchment of a typical Sefer Torah? I have tried estimating the question with some online sources: Chabad states that a Sefer Torah has 62 and 84 sheets of ...
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Authentic Q'laph for Tephilin [closed]

The Gemara describes a process for developing q'laph for tephilin. However, this tradition has been lost since then. Has there been any research on restoring the method of producing authentic q'laph? ...
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Does anyone permit writing Shir HaShirim on klaf from a non-kosher species?

A Torah, tefillin, mezuzah, and Esther scroll must be written on klaf that comes from a kosher species. See Shulchan Aruch OH 32:12 (and OH 691:1 and YD 271:1): יהיה הקלף מעור בהמה חיה ועוף ידהטהורים ...
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What are these words on the back of a קלף? [duplicate]

I recently saw a piece of קלף that had these words on the back: Note: I'm talking about the words towards the bottom of the parchment, not Hashem's name. Notice how the words are written facing the ...
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