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Traditional head-covering primarily worn by male Jews

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Should we ask a non-Jew to wear a kippa for a burial?

Should we ask a non-Jew to wear a kippa for a burial? He likely doesn't have an obligation to do so. We often ask them in a synagogue (and this answer discusses the reasons) but what about a cemetery?
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Did Rashi wear a yarmulke?

Tractate Sofrim (14:14) records two opinions that concern the wearing of a head covering during the Shema: there are those who say that it is not necessary, and there are those who say that it is ...
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Transferring discrete "kippah clips" between domains on Shabbat, if the clips are NOT sewn to the kippah

A) Imagine the following: It is Shabbat, and I am using spring-loaded hair clips or bobby pins to attach a kippah to my hair. The clips or pins are NOT sewn to the kippah: instead, they are discrete ...
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Where in the Tanakh is it derived that females are to cover their heads when praying?

Where in the Tanakh is it extrapolated that females are to cover their heads or hair when praying or reciting the name of HaShem? I form this question upon reading the following: Women and girls ...
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Head covering a sign of being a bride of HaShem?

Bnei Yisrael’s relationship with HaShem is often described as a marriage; HaShem is the groom and Bnei Yisrael are His bride. See Shir HaShirim for an extended example. The Prophets frequently ...
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Should a man remove his head covering during the national anthem?

The custom in the United States is to remove head coverings (and place them over the heart) during the recitation of the national anthem. Is there any Jewish reason for a man to, or not to, follow ...
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Are you required to wear a kippah during very strong winds?

If I am walking and the wind is very strong - the kippah flies off almost as soon as I put it on and I don't have a bobby pin with me - do I have an obligation to keep putting it on and securing it ...
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Am I allowed to give my kippah to a rat?

I was walking on the sidewalk and noticed a rat shivering on the pavement; it was so cold it couldn’t move and it probably would have died of frostbite if I didn’t do anything. I gave it my kippah for ...
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Hexagonal seret vizhnitz yarmulke

Does anyone know where to find the hexagonal seret vizhnitz yarmulkes? They are impossible to find. And to get it from Israel especially is impossible and super expensive, is there maybe any place to ...
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Why should the kippah under the hat be visible (chareidi "dress code")?

It is customary in many chareidi communities to push the kippah out from under the hat so that it should be visible. (I personally like this custom very much since it gives me pride of my Torah ...
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Is a gentile required to wear a kippah while studying Torah?

A Jew must not walk around with his head non-covered (Shu"A Orach Chayim 2,6 " ולא ילך ארבע אמות בגילוי הראש מפני כבוד השכינה). Is a gentile required to cover his head while studying Torah? If a ...
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If a man wears no kippah at work, is it reasonable to believe that he might not be frum?

(Question inspired by a comment from Isaac Moses.) Many frum (Torah-observant) Jewish males wear a kippah at all times. Also, the Torah teaches us to judge people favorably. Let's say that a man ...
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