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Whats the reasoning behind יין פגום?

There is an halacha called יין פגום (mentioned in Pesachim 106a and Shulchan Aruch Orach Chaim Siman 182) where if I drank a cup of wine for Kiddush or Birkat Hamazon and didn't finish all of it, I ...
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Any Reason for Kiddush Cup Plate

Are there any Torah sources which encourage or discourage using plates for kiddush cups or a kos shel beracha?
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Origin of the minhag to hold the kiddush cup in one's palm

There is a minhag which many have while reciting kiddush which is to hold the kiddush cup in the palm of the hand, with the fingers pointing upward without touching the cup. I have heard two ...
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What to do with kiddush cups that are too small?

If one comes to own a kiddush cup that is well under a reviis, is there a way the cup can be used for a mitzvah and not be left in a closet forever? What can be done with a kiddush cup that is too ...
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Is there any reason to drink wine at kiddush if it is not from the cup used for the blessing?

In view of the answers given to questions here and here, is there any reason to drink wine at kiddush if you are not drinking from the cup of blessing? (For instance, could the fact that you said "...
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Kiddush Cup a Proper Wedding Gift for a Very Observant Couple?

My friend is very observant and will be getting married in May. I was thinking a Kiddush set would be an appropriate gift, but I want to make sure I'm in strict accordance with the laws (if any) of ...
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Why is a kiddush cup not muktzeh?

According the rules of Muktzeh regarding the category of Mechamat Chisaron Kis, objects that have one specific purpose and the owner takes care not to damage it or let it get stolen may not be handled ...
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Kiddush cup with the name of angels engraved on the inside

I just bought an antique kiddush cup in Yerushalayim with names of the angels written all throughout the inside on the whole length of the kiddush cup (in several columns around the cup). The store ...
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overflowing cup and kos pagum

Is there any minhag to fill a cup of wine to the point where it overflows? Do some people overflow their cup because of Kos Pagum or does Kos Pagum apply to a cup which is not filled near enough to ...
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3 answers

The Chofetz Chaim's kiddush cup

I read somewhere (don't remember where) that the Chofetz Chaim used a kiddush cup that was a smaller shiur than he recommends to use in his Mishna Berurah. Can anyone verify this and/or explain the ...
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Inscription in kiddush cup relating to 4 Rivers of Eden

I have an unstemmed kiddush cup with Hebrew inscriptions on the inside. I am told that it is from Rabbi Hashrash and refers to the 4 rivers of Eden. Do you know the story behind this?
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8 votes
2 answers

Minimum Shi'ur for Kiddush on liquor

What is the minimum Shi'ur (volume) of a cup required for making Kiddush on liquor? Is there a smaller amount required than there is for wine? What is the minimum Shi'ur of the liquor that one is ...
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How much of a minimal sized kiddush cup must be consumed?

If someone uses a kiddush cup that is exactly (or close to) the bare minimum (see this question) needed to fulfill the obligation, how much of that cup must he drink? Do the different times one must ...
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Minimally sized kiddush cup for sale

I read that a reviit (the minimal size for a cup used for kiddush, havdala etc) is 86.4 mL according to the generally accepted view (see here for options). Does anyone know where I can get a cup that ...
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10 votes
3 answers

Are disposable cups allowed for Kiddush or Havdalah?

If one doesn't have a non-disposable cup or becher available, can s/he use a disposable cup? Are there any specific types (plastic, styrofoam, paper...) of disposable cups allowed, or is any cup okay ...
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Kiddush cup: stemmed or not?

Is there any reason behind whether people use a stemmed kiddush cup or not? Does it have to do with minhag? Kabbalah? I would have thought that some people who have a minhag to put their palm under ...
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Using two plastic cups for Kiddush

I know making kiddush with a plastic cup is problematic because of requirements. I have seen people using two plastic cups: What is the source for this and is it legitimate?
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