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Blessing on Immersing Vessels to Purify Them

A Mikvah can be used to purify humans or certain vessels which have contracted ritual impurity (Rambam Mikvaot 1 (English)). When humans use the Mikvah to purify themselves they recite a blessing (...
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Containers and wine

Is there any outer container (a frame or box, perhaps) into which an open bottle of non-mevushal wine can be placed that will shield the bottle in such a way that, if a non-Jew (or heretic) casually ...
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Davar charifs and chometz

"Davar charif" is a term in kashrus which refers, as I understand it, to sharp or caustic foods which may absorb flavor from a knife used to cut them, rendering them, say, fleishig if the knife is ...
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If the whole vessel's volume counts in 1/60, why don't we wait?

Although this is a really basic quesiton, the topic is way beyond my education, so please excuse the lack of sources, background knowledge and proper terms, and please help me improve. I understand ...
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