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What does Kares actually mean?

I want to give a shiur in Shul about Shabbat and how it Rambam and others say that one gets Kares if one doesn't keep it and it says in the Chumash 'that he is cut of from his people'. A person came ...
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What is the punishment spelled out explicitly in the Torah for having relations with a post-menstrual woman who has not gone to the Mikvah?

The accepted halacha is that one who has relations with a woman who is a niddah is punished with kares. But if a woman is no longer menstruating (let's assume several days after it stops), but has ...
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What are the implications of karet?

Does karet mean the soul will not ever enter the olam haba? Can teshuvah rectify the transgression which lead to the karet? Can that soul in another re-incarnation rectify the blemish of karet? By "...
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Yom Kippur more lenient than Shabbos?

The potential punishment for an av melacha on Shabbos is stoning (ch"v). (Obviously, only under certain circumstances and after repeated attempts to dissuade the sinner.) However, I learned here that ...
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What specific acts with a nidah constitute karet

I'm new and starting out. But karet sounds serious. Is it just the standard intimate relationship that gives karet or does unnatural and other practices as well. What about kissing or other non ...
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Are there two things from which kares can cut one off?

In B'midbar 19:13 the Torah says that the punishment for entering the mikdash while impure is spiritual excision, using the words וְנִכְרְתָה הַנֶּפֶשׁ הַהִוא מִיִּשְׂרָאֵל. . . . . .that nefesh ...
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In a mixed marriage, is a Jewish woman liable for kareit if they have relations while she's niddah?

I know that per torah, if a (Jewish) man has relations with a woman who is niddah he is punished with kareit. I have been told that in this case the woman is also punished with kareit. Is the woman'...
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"Boel Aramis": analogue for a woman?

We know that if a man has relations with a non-Jewess, the halacha is A zealot may kill him in the act (Sanhedrin 82a). Both R' Schneersohn (the last one -- in Sichos) and R' Tzadok haCohen miLublin (...
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List of sins punishable by excision or death

Where please can I find a list of the sins punishable by korais (excision) and those punishable by death?
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What is the relation between transgressions punished with karet and those punished with death?

K'ritot 2a says there are 36 transgressions for which the punishment is karet and provides a list (including idol-worship, various sexual transgressions, eating chametz on Pesach, desecrating Shabbat, ...
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4 votes
1 answer

If somebody is over 60 and does an aveirah for which the punishment is misah biyedei shamayim, what happens?

I was learning today's Tanya (יג תמוז, beginning of אגרת התשובה פרק ד) I have a question based on the following part: כשעבר עבירה שחייבים עליה כרת, הי׳ מת ממש קודם חמשים שנה A violator of a sin ...
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How can the Mishnah derive that lashes exempt kares, from a pasuk speaking only about one liable for lashes?

The Mishnah in Makkot 23a says "All those liable to receive karet who were flogged in court were exempted from their karet [...] as it is stated with regard to one liable to receive ...
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