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(Lit. "Atonements") The practice in some communities of symbolically transferring one's sins to a chicken or bundle of coins, on the eve of Yom Kippur, by swinging it over one's head.

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Looking at one's tzitzit

In some siddurim it writes to look at one's tzitzit during birchat halevana and kaparot. What is the reason for this?
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Kaparot on Erev Yom Kipur [duplicate]

What's the reason of kaparot? Why with a chicken? Why do we shecht it? And why on Erev Yom Kipur (can I do it every other time of the year)? Is it halacha or a minhag? Thanks
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How to Circle your head in Kaparot without real money

Every year I do Kaparot with real coins in plastic bag and after circling my head with them I donate them to Tzdaka. How can I do the Minhag of circling my head if I don't have real coins because of ...
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What is the origin of the minhag of kapparot?

What is the origin of the minhag of kapparot? What if one chooses not to do the minhag? Is one less favoured by God? Is there a certain benefit to doing kapparot?
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What exactly is the custom observed by Jews in Egypt on Shavuot using geese that is similar to Kaparot?

I'm not Jewish, so please forgive me if my question sounds ignorant. I was researching the practice of Kaparot when I came across the following website: Indeed, even when Maran [Rabbeinu Ovadia ...
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If it has been established that sacrifices are not needed for atonement, then why do we need to reinstate the Temple?

If it has been established that sacrifices are not needed for atonement, then why do we need to reinstate the Temple? Jeremiah 7:22-23 "For neither did I speak with your forefathers nor did I command ...
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Kaparos with fish

In How to do kapparos with fish it discusses doing Kaparos with fish. Is anyone aware of any group or individuals that do Kaparos with fish?
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Earliest to do kapporos

What is the earliest date that you can do Kapporos? Is it rosh hashanah? (Note: I'm not asking for the best or most preferable time.)
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How to do kapparos with fish

It appears that you can use live fish for kapparos. How is this done? Holding the fish in hand (really quickly)? Holding the fish in a towel? Holding the fish in a bowl? Answers sourced both in ...
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Can the chickens swung over a pregnant woman's head for Kaparos be swung consecutively?

When swinging 3 chickens (or 2 chickens depending on one's custom) over a pregnant woman's head for Kaparos, must the chickens be swung simultaneously or may they be swung consecutively (so as to ...
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Kaparos for a pregnant woman -- why the extra chicken?

From Sidur Tehilas Hashem, Sidur Rav Amram, and Nitei Gavriel Hilchos Yom Hakipurim 10:20 you take additional chickens for Kaparos for a pregnant lady in order to cover the fetus. What sin (or sins) ...
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Why do Sephardim perform kaparot?

The common custom of Sephardim is to do kaparot before Yom Kippur. This is despite the Shulchan Aruch discouraging the practice (O''C 605:1): מה שנוהגים לעשות כפרה בערב יום כיפורים לשחוט תרנגול על ...
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Minhag Kaparos with Money - What's the source?

In the Rama on SA OC Siman 605, we find the custom of "Kaparos" that many do Erev Yom Kippur. Of those who perform this custom a chicken is used. However many also use money (i.e. instead of waving a ...
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How/why does kaparot work?

The ritual of kaparot [lit. atonement], which is usually done just prior to Yom Kippur (usually the day before), where one waves a chicken or an [unspecified] amount of money over one's head in a ...
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Kapparos on money - How much?

If one does the Minhag of Kapparos on money, how much money should be used for each person? (Sources.)
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