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Is a pre-convert considered a Noahide?

If a non-Jew [ex-Muslim] is working with the Beit Din for an Orthodox Conversion to Judaism, is he still considered to be a Noahide as he does not yet have a status of being Jewish?
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Is there a Jewish source for the saying: "only the father knows when the wedding would take place"?

The website below describes what is apparently an ancient Jewish wedding custom, in which it was apparently said that "only the Father" of the groom "knows" when the wedding would ...
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State of Judaism before the destruction of the first temple

Can someone recommend some good resources on delving into the state of Judaism between entry to Israel and the destruction of the first temple? Specifically, the state of the religion. What did it ...
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Is a typed vow of a Gentile binding?

If a gentile in an email 'types' that he promises not to do something [1]doesn't use G-d's name 2]has no intention to keep the oath 3]but doesn't say bli neder either] is that vow binding? Some hold ...
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