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Questions tagged [jewishness]

A person's status as a Jew.

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How do you prove you are Jewish? [duplicate]

I have never been asked to prove I am Jewish, but I often wondered how I could do it. My mother was born in Cairo and her mother in Damascus, and good luck in retrieving archives from hostile regimes ...
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Jewishness of person based on religiousness of last four generations of the person’s most recent Jewish ancestors

This news article indicates that when the last four generations of a person’s most recent Jewish ancestors were not religiously observant, that person needs to undergo Orthodox conversion le’chumra (...
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How pro-active must we be tracing (non) Jewishness?

In a "hypothetical" case in which an entire family is declared retroactively not Jewish from 3 generations ago, how active must the community be in tracing all the people who would have, ...
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Should a half Jewish man be discouraged from marrying a Jewess?

Is there any source in encouraging a man who identifies as Jewish but isn't so Halachically, to marry a Jewish woman and raise a Jewish family? For instance, a patrilineal Jew although he isn't ...
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Non-jewish woman converting for marriage [duplicate]

If a non Jewish woman converts in order to marry a Jewish man are their children still considered Jewish? Even though the mother is converted and not raised in the religion.
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8 votes
1 answer

Can DNA be used as evidence to prove that someone is Jewish?

Apparently, there were a number of child Holocaust survivors who were separated from their parents and never found them. They were adopted and raised by Non-Jewish families. As they became adults, ...
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How to verify Jewish identity

I've seen a few questions related to this, but not the specific nature of the question: What are the standard requirements for verifying one's Jewish identity. Obviously, one's mother must be Jewish, ...
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