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Questions tagged [jewish-american-history]

Questions pertaining to the history of Judaism in the United States of America.

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Rationale of Orthodox groups who remained in the Synagogue Council of America

The opposition many had to Orthodox groups joining the Synagogue Council of America is well known. It remains easy to find articles explaining the opposition that were written back then in Torah or ...
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When was the concept of large-scale Hechsherim introduced and was it controversial?

Nowadays, Jews in America and Europe often rely on national or regional hechsherim whereby a product is certified as kosher by a rabbi the consumer does not know (and may not even really know who the ...
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Why was Manhattan Day School (MDS) Founded with the name Yeshivas Ohr Torah in 1943?

Would someone know the background of how/why the school got the name ישיבת אור תורה? Was it just a nice name? Did any of the founders have some affinity to Yeshivas Ohr Torah of Teveria which was ...
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Did Rav Dovid Leibowitz write any chiddushei Torah?

Rav Dovid Leibowitz was a talmid of the Chafetz Chaim and the father of Rav Henoch Leibowitz. I have heard in the name of Rav Yitzchak Hutner that out of all the yeshivas in America, only Rav ...
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July 4th in relation to the Jewish calendar

I was wondering if anyone has any sources that discuss the fact that July 4th, 1776 was 17 Tamuz 5536. Is there any correlation between the Declaration of Independence and the Destruction of Jerusalem?...
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How did the Lubavitcher Rebbe react to the Crown Heights riot? [closed]

Did he say or write something addressing the event? I guess he wasn't very active at this stage, but he suffered a disabling stroke about a year after the riot so I'm interested to know how he dealt ...
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Looking for more information about this "Megillah"

My wife's grandmother passed away last year (and her grandfather many years ago) and my mother-in-law gave me this item she found while cleaning out their apartment: It appears to be printed (on an ...
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Who are "the Yechidim"?

I'm reading a book called "Publications of The American Jewish Historical Society, no. 21" (which can be found for free on The first part is a collection of records of ...
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No Shema' at the end of Shirat haYam?

Over the last several years, I have noticed that most schuls in the US do not recite the pasuk of שמע ישרﭏ at the end of Shirat haYam in Pesukei deZimrah, while every Nusach Ashkenaz siddur I've seen (...
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Are there any American minhagim? [closed]

I am curious about the nature of American minhagim/customs. Are there any minhagim that are specifically of American origin, and what are their qualifications? Most people receive their minhagim ...
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What is the source of the story of the Jewish Soldier who during the Revolutionary War inspired George Washington by lighting his Menorah? [closed]

What is the source of the story of the Jewish Soldier who during the Revolutionary War inspired George Washington by lighting his Menorah? Also who is the soldier who was in this story, and did George ...
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Which Rabbi was this?

I remember reading a journal article about a modern orthodox rabbi in late 19th century America who held the position that rabbis need to try to find lenient halachik rulings to make the lives of ...
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