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R' Akiva visiting Syracuse

I have read a claim on various sites, including Wikipedia, that R' Akiva visited the city of Syracuse in current Sicily. However, I have failed to find its source in the Talmud. I have seen the ...
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Rav Hai Gaon Visiting Italy

I’d like to know if Rav Hai Gaon actually visited Italy in the end years of his life. I remember reading that somewhere in the Mordecai it is written. Are there any other sources that mention his ...
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Amen between Hashkiveinu and Yir'u Eineinu in maariv

Based on Brachot 45b and Yerushalmi Brachot 5:4/40b, many communities have the custom of saying amen after several of their own brachot. One of the places where some add amen is at the end of the ...
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Kitniot – Minhag Italia

What is the Italki minhag with regards to kitniot? As they have historically been at a crossroads between the Ashkenazi and Sephardi worlds,* it is often less cut-and-dry now, due to the loss of many ...
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Source for Italy coming from a staff in the sea

I learned today that after Shlomo HaMelech's wedding with the Egyptian princess was held on Yom Kippur and he slept in late accidentally on the day the Beis HaMikdosh was going to be inaugurated, that ...
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Why Italia of Yavan?

The gemara in Megila 6b refers to איטליא של יון זה כרך גדול של רומי, which translates literally as: Italy of Greece, this is the great city of Rome. This seems odd insofar as I know, Italy never ...
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Spanish-Portuguese Torah Vestments

The first Shabbat I was in Yerushalayim (Parshat Shoftim) my father and I davened at the Italian Synagogue. While the nusach there follows the older Roman nusach, the Sifrei Torah are caparisoned in ...
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Italian cantillation

I'm interested in learning the Italian system for the ta'amei hamikra, either for Torah and/or Haftarah (preference to Haftarah as the Italian melodies are very beautiful). This website has tons of ...
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