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The rabbinic prohibition against making sound on Shabbos.

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Can noisy fans and humidifiers be run on Shabbat in a home that has had a flood?

Talmud Shabbat 18a states that “It is forbidden to place grain in a water mill [on Erev Shabbat] unless it will be ground before nightfall. Why? Rabba said: Because it creates noise.”[10] Rashi ...
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What is השמעת קול about?

Apparently, there's a prohibition against making noise on Shabbos. See Shabbos 18a: אבל אין נותנין חטין לתוך הריחים של מים אלא בכדי שיטחנו מבעוד יום מאי טעמא אמר רבה מפני שמשמעת קול But ...
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Halachik issues with SodaStream and similar sodamakers on Shabbos (e.g. molid, hashmaas kol)

It is disputed whether soda/seltzer makers are a problem on Shabbos (see Making seltzer/soda water on Shabbat or Yom Tov ) with e.g. the Shemiras Shabbos K'hilchasa ruling leniently (as cited in Rabbi ...
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