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May Jews recite a hesped for a Talmid chacham on Isru chag

According to Halacha, eulogies are not allowed to be held on Isru Chag of Shavuot, and there is a very strong minhag for the other Isru Chags. My question is, does this also apply to a hesped for a ...
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Is Isru Chag observed on different days in א"י & בחו"ל?

In other words, is Isru Chag a relative event, like Shavuot, that is actually different outside of Eretz Yisrael? In the Bavli, Isru Chag is mentioned generically as the day after chag (citing a Tanna,...
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What is the source for some Ashkenazim not reciting Lamnatzeiach on Isru Chag?

Mishnah Berurah 131:35 lists the following days on which Ashkenazim do not recite Lamnatzeiach (Tehillim 20) during weekday Shacharit between Ashrei and Uva LeTzion: Rosh Chodesh Chanukah Purim Erev ...
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Apparent contradiction in Biur Hagra concerning fasting on Isru Chag

Shulchan Aruch Orach chaim 494:3 - שולחן ערוך אורח חיים סימן תצד סעיף ג אסור להתענות במוצאי חג השבועות: - It is forbidden to fast on the Motzai Shavuos. Usually the term ---מוצאי Motzai--- ...
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Av HaRachamim on Shabbat Isru Chag Pesach in Israel?

This year (5778) the 22rd of Nisan falls on Shabbat. In Israel this day is Isru Chag Pesach (as opposed to the diaspora, where it is Acharon Shel Pesach). Does one say Av HaRachamim? On the one hand,...
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Why is the day after yom tov referred to as isru chag?

Why is the day after yom tov referred to as isru chag? I assume it has something to do with the possuk in tehillim 118:27, where this phrase appears, but I know no further. Any ideas? The earlier the ...
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Etymologic origins of "Maimouna"

Maimouna, the day after Pesach, is probably the most well-known of the isru chag traditions. It originated with the Jews of North Africa, and these days Israelis honour it by making barbecues. ...
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Do sefirah mourning restrictions occur on Isru Chag?

Many North African Jews celebrate the day after Pesach (which is Isru Chag) with the festive Mimouna. Does such a party atmosphere conflict with the customs of mourning during sefirat haomer? Could ...
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Who should observe Isru Chag?

I'm trying to understand Isru Chag. While there is indeed a source in Psalms for the words, and while the Gemara indeed derives a notion of extra celebration, there seems to be little about the scope ...
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