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Fake Techelet: invalidating the entire Tzitzit?

Let's say I use the pretty much disproven Techelet (Radzyner) : is my Tzitzit completely Pasul? I think according to the Arizal it isn't. Does anyone disagree?
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Pasul l'edus: what about ed echad?

People who participate in certain activities that are bad for society are disqualified from testifying. Also, those who've commit certain sins whose punishment is corporal, and haven't yet repented, ...
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Why was the parah aduma found in 2002 disqualified?

In 2002, various news sources reported that a red heifer was found and the Temple Institute in Israel declared it kosher. Many of these sources later reported that the parah aduma was disqualified ...
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May a child make a Berachah on a Pasul set of 4 species?

May a child make a Berachah on a Pasul set of 4 species that their parents gave them to learn how to make the Berachah and do the Mitzvah?
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What can a shul do with unusable Torah scrolls?

Our shul has about 15 unusable Torah scrolls. (To place it in a positive light, we have 6 that are usable. The shul has been in existence for 90 years, and we retrieved a number of "Holocaust" scrolls ...
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