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Questions tagged [inuy-affliction]

Special restrictions that are added during the fast days of Yom Kippur and Tisha Bav.

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Are Naot or other Leather strapped sandals permitted on Yom Kippur?

Are Naot (cork sole) or other Leather strapped sandals permitted on Yom Kippur. It seems that Rav Obadiah permits it although I am unclear of the specifics and other opinions.
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Using baby powder on Yom Kippur

Is one permitted to use baby powder-or talcum powder, Gold Bond, etc- on Yom Kippur? (either for themselves or for a child) OR Would it be forbidden since it could be akin to "annointing oneself&...
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Why is "affliction of the soul" interpreted differently in two places?

The Torah (Leviticus 23:32) says regarding Yom Hakippurim וְעִנִּיתֶם אֶת נַפְשֹׁתֵיכֶם "and you shall afflict your souls." The Mishna (Yoma 8:1) gives the prohibitions of Yom Hakippurim as ...
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Affliction and refraining from work

Leviticus 23 describes some commands in regards to Yom Kippur in which it teaches us to afflict ourselves (verse 27). Although I'm familiar with most of the commentaries which teach what this '...
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Are objects used for the Taanugim "muktzeh" for Yom Kippur?

The five prohibitions of inuy on Yom Kippur are eating/drinking, bathing, anointing, sex, and wearing leather shoes. Would an object whose only use is for these prohibited pleasures be considered "...
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Why do women wash before family purity bedika on Yom Kippur?

Rechitza--washing/bathing--is, it seems, Biblically prohibited on Yom Kippur. And yet I learned that a married woman who is due to make a bedikah--the twice-daily inspection for blood during niddah, ...
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Current applicability to not wearing leather shoes on Tish'a B'Av and Yom Kippur

I understand that the 5 forms of inuy ("affliction) that occur on Yom Kippur also applies to Tish'a B'Av. One of these is the prohibition to wear leather shoes. I viewed this M.Y. answer which offers ...
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If there is incliment weather on Yom Kippor may one wear leather shoes to the synogogue?

In the event of inclement weather on Yom Kippur, may one wear leather shoes (which are the only inclement-weather-proof shoes available) to synagogue? I am asking about walking there in the morning, ...
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Is it permitted to wear leather belts on Yom Kippur?

Does the prohibition of leather on Yom Kippur only apply to shoes/footwear?
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Why are we forbidden to wear leather shoes on Yom Kippur

Why are we forbidden to wear leather shoes on Yom Kippur? Is it because leather shoes are a sign of wealth, or comfort; or does it have some thing to do with cruelty to animals?
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What is the shiur for anointing on Yom Kippur?

Is there a minimum shiur to be chayav (liable) for anointing on Yom Kippur, and, if so, what is it? The gemarah (Yoma 76b) seems to learn it out as a comparison to food consumption: would that mean it ...
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Wiping hands on Tisha b'Av

Since many authorities permit wiping the hands if one does not have water to wash with (when washing for bread), is one forbidden to wipe their hands on Tisha b'Av?
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Crocs on Yom Kippur?

Given the prohibition of wearing certain footwear on Yom Kippur, is one allowed to wear Crocs on Yom Kippur? Or are they too comfortable or something?
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How certain do I need to be that my Yom Kippur shoes are leather-free?

Okay, no leather shoes for Yom Kippur (or Tisha B'Av). I always assumed if the label said ALL MAN MADE MATERIALS or 100% CANVAS or something like that, that we could trust the label. (Would they ...
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