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Sitting shiva for intermarrying child

We all heard about families sitting shiva if a child marries out of faith. Are there documented cases of this happening? (With all the rites of Shiva, not just cutting the child out of the family.) ...
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Sources for contemporary applications of משום איבה

My answer to Eating with non jews gives an example of a prohibition to prevent intermarriage and the use of the concept of משום איבה to relax the prohibition. More generally, on the one hand, ...
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Why is there no Gezeirah against a Jew sharing food with a non-Jew (similar to the idea of Bishul Akum)?

Halachipedia writes on the prohibition of food cooked by non-Jews (Bishul Akum) There are a number of reasons for this gezeirah. The opinion of Rashi is that chazal wanted to prevent socializing with ...
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Does a Jewish woman who was married to a non-Jew and then divorced, need to cover her hair?

Does a Jewish woman who was a non-practicing Jew that married a non-Jewish man and had children together, then divorced him and she became Torah observant.... need to cover her hair?
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Esther stay married to achashveiros

Why did Esther stay married to achashveirosh and have a child with him after the Jewish people were saved?
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If there were no other Jews around is a Jewish woman permitted to marry & have children with non Jews?

If a Jewish woman lived on an island without any other Jews & she was unable to leave or convert any of the locals, is she permitted to marry & have children? Would there be any difference or ...
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How is a baby girl with a non-Jewish Father given a name?

What is the process for naming a baby girl with a Jewish mother and a non Jewish father? Typically the father is given an aliyah and the name is given as part of a mishebarach. Does the mother's ...
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Where are the midrashim about the Jews intermarrying during the Babylonian Exile?

Someone told me that there is an argument between different midrashim about how many Jews intermarried during the Babylonian Exile. I don't know where to look to find these midrashim. Does anyone know ...
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Jewish woman marrying a Ben Noah: Halahik consequences

I would like to know the Halahick consequences of a Jewish woman cohabiting with a non-idolatrous goy or Ben Noah. Reading some parts in the Talmud, I understood that they would not be considered ...
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Conversion for marriage

Halacha dictates that a Jewish court must not convert a non-Jew if it believes it's for the purpose of marrying a Jew (H. Issurei Biah 13:14). But what if the non-Jew is already married to a Jew, non-...
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