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Right to repair in Halacha

Does Halacha have a perspective on the right to repair movement? Basically it is a movement to allow people who purchase goods to have the right to repair goods, whereas others argue businesses which ...
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Downloading a Currently Public Resource

Is it permissible to download a resource that is currently available publicly and freely from the internet without permission from the one who posted it and/or the one who hosts the website? For ...
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Is one allowed to take advantage of free-trial offers without the intention to actually purchase?

Many products and services (especially digital ones) are often sold via the so-called free-trial offers which allow customers to use the offered services and products for free during the specified ...
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When is a copyright violated?

Most books claim copyright. This is a legal right that grants the creator of an original work exclusive rights for its use and distribution. What is the Torah formulation of copyright? How far does ...
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Pirating software that has already been bought

Say, for instance, that I've previously bought a set of DVDs (for example, the workout program P90x, which contains several DVDs in a set), and that I am currently in a different country and have not ...
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Can information be stolen without Dina DeMalchuta Dina? [duplicate]

As I know, theft means in the Torah always the stealing of a material thing. There is a big difference against stealing of information, for example, stealing software (which means, copying this ...
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Is File Sharing Allowed? [duplicate]

Are we permitted to share files via file distrubution systems on the internet? For example, using Torrent files to get movies, songs or software?
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What is the general process for writing errata pages to sefarim?

Not sure if this question is on topic but here goes. Background There is a STA"M textbook called מאיר עיני סופרים which summarizes the rulings of the major sources on hilchos STA"M for ...
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Copyright issues in apps

Are there be any Halachik issues with regard to using someone else's logo, twitter avatar or the like as part of an app? If it would be okay, would that only be if I don't make any money from the app?...
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May I buy and use cheap fakes instead of paying full price for brand-name clothes?

An old friend recently asked me to purchase some replica "beats" (headphones made by monster) which authentically (depending on the model cost between 120$-500$) so I started to look them up online ...
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Publisher prohibiting purchaser from sharing

Tradition articles are downloadable from the Tradition Online website, which prohibits further distribution of the materials. On each download page there is the following warning: It is strictly ...
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Is downloading pirated music stealing?

Either way, it should be frowned upon as not a nice thing to do, but would it actually be assur?
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Marcus Jastrow Dictionary Copyright

Is the dictionary that he wrote still in copyright, or has it entered the public domain? If not, who owns the rights to it?
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Patents in Halacha?

If someone invents something new (and unique), does Judaism recognize that he has ownership over the invention [for x years]?
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