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IVF with eggs or sperm harvested pre conversion

If a couple harvested eggs or sperm pre conversion of one or both of them, would they be permitted to do IVF with those eggs or sperm post-conversion? And in the case of the eggs, some poskim say the ...
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Infertility mikvah segula

Is there a source of a segula to help infertility of going to mikva immediately after a pregnant woman in her ninth month?
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Refuah Conditions

If someone asks you to provide names for Refuah, could you include someone who is experiencing infertility? What prayers should you say so that G-d blesses someone with a child? Thank you & ...
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Infertile man in TANACH: Boaz

I'm writing a paper about Ruth and I found a midrash that describes Boaz as being an infertile man (Ruth Rabba 6:2). From Ruth's prayer, he is allowed to conceives.There are others that put the ...
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Does the Issur of Zera Levatala still apply to a infertile person

If a person has been diagnosed and confirmed by doctors as infertile, does the Issur of Zera Levatala still apply to them?
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Can a man knowingly marry a woman who can't have children?

This question is not about once a couple is married, as there are previous post that address that topic, the question is can someone start a marriage knowing the women he's marrying can't have kids?
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What leniencies are available for women who ovulate before mikvah night?

What leniencies are available for women who ovulate before mikvah night (due to shorter than average cycles), and therefore most likely cannot get pregnant while following the laws of taharas ...
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Why include an impossible yavam in yibum?

R. Akiva states (Y'vamos 8:4) that there is a distinction between the levirate obligations of an impotent man who has been that way all his life and an impotent man who became that way during his ...
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How and why are eunuchs forbidden to enter the congregation per Devarim 23:1 but are accepted in Isaiah 56:4-5?

"He that is wounded in the stones, or hath his privy member cut off, shall not enter into the congregation of the LORD." - Deuteronomy 23:1 KJV "For thus saith the LORD unto the eunuchs that keep my ...
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Retention of urine causing infertility?

In several places in the Gemara (Yevamos 64b, Bechoros 44b) it is stated that holding back urine for an extended period can cause a man to become infertile. In the latter place the Gemara gives a ...
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Segulah of Kvatar: Source

Is there a source for the claim that being a Kvater (person who carries a baby to/from his Bris) helps cure infertility?
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