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What precisely is the nature of humility?

What exactly is the nature of humility and where is the line drawn between being humble and having too low self-esteem?
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Why is the Mitzvah of Parah Adumah considered a reward?

The Gemara (Sotah 17a) says that the Mitzvah of Parah Adumah was given as a reward for Avraham Avinu’s humility, and Rashi explains that it’s considered a reward, because A. It purifies. B. It atones ...
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What are good books on humility by major scholars or Rabbis?

What are the best books, writings and great works by traditional scholars and Rabbis in Judaism dealing with the topic of humility? I want very traditional and age old works the likes of which you ...
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What is the Hasidic view of humility?

I remember reading something to the effect that Hasidic thinking is that humility is not thinking little of yourself, it is not thinking of yourself at all. Is this accurate and what is the source?
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‫ is self esteem good or bad?

The penultimate Lubavitch rebbe writes in his principles of education (Chapter 10, starting here), that to feel down is not good but to feel secure and have a healthy self esteem is not good either. ...
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Why was the torah given on a mountain?

I have seen many divrei torah about the fact that Har Sinai was not the tallest mountain (based on Sota 5a) and the importance of humility in acquiring torah. But, why was the torah given on a ...
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What's wrong with being haughty?

We find many times in tanach and chazal (eg Sota 5a) where humbleness is praised and haughtiness is condemned. I would like to understand why that is. A person can conceivably fulfill all the ...
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