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Why was it necessary for Moshe to show gratitude to things that did not intend to help him?

The חובות הלבבות (in the beginning of the פתיחה to שער עבודת אלקים) writes, that one does not need to show gratitude to someone who did him a favor, if the favor was not intended. ואם תגיע לנו שום ...
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What is the hovot halevavot referring to

In the first gate, chapter 5 He says כי כבר נתברר שכל מה שאין לו תחילה אין לו תכלה, מפני שאי אפשר להגיע בדבר שאין לו תחילה אל גבול שיעמוד האדם אצלו.  ~ since it was already explained that ...
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Where in hovot halevavot does the author mention the benefits of work?

I heard in a shiur that work is a bracha that prevents one from sin and allows one to be tested. In which chapter can I find this content?
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Where can I find Chovoth haLevavoth in Arabic?

Where can I find Chovoth haLevavoth in Arabic?
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