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Leaning (heseiba) on Pesach

related to this question The halacha requires that on Pesach, when drinking at least the first 2 cups of wine or eating the matzah for the mitzvah, a person leans. The S"A (O"C 472:7) codifies it as ...
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Reconciling the Rashbam's understanding for leaning left with the anatomy of the throat

The Gemara (Pesachim 108a) rules: פרקדן לא שמיה הסיבה הסיבת ימין לא שמה הסיבה ולא עוד אלא שמא יקדים קנה לוושט ויבא לידי סכנה Lying prone is not called leaning. Leaning right is not called ...
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Why are we allowed to lean at the Passover Seder?

This M.Y. question shows a picture taken from a Roman feast where people lean during their meal. The question states that the way people should lean during the Passover Seder should be similar to what ...
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Rav Belsky's illustration on how to lean by the seder

I remember watching one of OU's Pesach webinars a few years back where Rav Belsky was asked what is the proper way to lean at the seder. Rav Belsky answered that based off an ancient (Roman) tapestry ...
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The angle of heseiba and derech cheirus

Heseiba (reclining) is a Rabbinic ordinance of the Passover seder intended to invoke the style of derech cherut ("the way of freedom" - associated with luxury/aristocracy). Some Rishonim (medieval ...
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At the seder, unsupported mid-air leaning feels awkward. In reality, how should I recline?

While performing parts of the Passover seder ritual, we're supposed to recline on our left side. Given that we do not eat sitting on the floor, reclining on our left side on pillows (so our right ...
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Any practical tips for leaning when seated in an armless dining-room chair?

We are supposed to lean while drinking the 4 cups and eating the matza at the Seders, but I find it hard to do that while sitting in an armless dining room chair. Likewise, I have not been able to ...
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Why does the haggadah say to lean specifically to the left?

The haggadah (several copies that I've looked at, so I'm assuming this is universal?) tells us when eating certain foods at the seder to recline or lean to the left. I understand why we lean (the ...
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A Leaning dilemma

If I forgot to lean at the time to eat Matzah, I am required by Halacha to eat it again. If when I am going to re-eat it in order to do the leaning my Rebbi Muvhak walks in, what do I do? You don't ...
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