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Kippot in kabbalah and chasiduss

Is there a Kabbalistic or Hasidic meaning on the wearing of a Kippah/yarmulke? I understand it’s more a Minhag than a technical Halacha but I wanted to know if there is a mystical perspective on this. ...
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Yarmulke with fur rim

I came across this picture of a Gur Chasid at his wedding wearing a black yarmulke with a sort of fur rim (not the spodik). Why does the yarmulke/kippah have this fur rim. Is this because he is of ...
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What is "going" in terms of head covering?

related: Kippa in Torah? The talmud in Kiddush 31a relates that רב הונא בריה דרב יהושע לא מסגי ארבע אמות בגילוי הראש "Rav Huna, son of Rav Yehoshua, would not walk four cubits with an uncovered ...
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Does the law not to say G-d's name without a head covering apply to woman? [duplicate]

Does the law not to say G-d's name without a head covering ( Relationship between wearing a kippa and reciting a blessing ) apply to woman? Source? If not, why not?
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In terms of kippot, has there ever been a debate regarding what part of the head needed to be covered? [duplicate]

You typically see Kippot worn two different ways. Either on the very top of one's head. (child on right) Or on the back of one's head (on what you might consider the "point" of the skull) - (This ...
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What are the Names of the Hat types? [closed]

I don't know the names of the different hats worn by various Ashkenazic Jewish people. I know the term "Streimel", and I obviously know what that looks like, but I don't know what's the terms for: -...
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What happens if the Chazzan is bareheaded?

Based on something that really happened last week: After completing Mincha, the Shliach Tzibur realized he was bareheaded the entire time. Nobody in the congregation had noticed it. Has the ...
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Why are some makpid on a "double covering"? [duplicate]

All my life, when the question arises why we wear a black hat over our yarmulkes, the answer is that we do so to have a "double covering" when we pray. This implies that one covering, such as the ...
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What is the source for men covering their heads? [duplicate]

I remember learning (but don't remember where) that men are required d'rabbanan to cover their heads at least when saying b'rachot, but practically speaking people just cover them all the time. (That ...
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Is there any brachah for putting on a headscarf?

Is there any Brachah for putting on a טיכל or מטפחת (headscarf) - like when one puts on his tallit or like an act like washing ones hands? Same applies to a כיפה or יארמולקע. And if there are no ...
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Lace head covers

Why do some women wear those lace coverings in shul? Is it so that they should not pray or recite berachot without their head covered or is it out of respect for shul? Also, when did this practice ...
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Why do men or boys have to cover their hair, but not unmarried women?

Whatever the reasons for covering hair (e.g. fear of heaven), they seem to equally apply to men and women. So why don't unmarried women have to cover their hair?
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Kippa in Torah?

Where does it say in the Torah to wear a Kippa?
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