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Jewish hats throughout the ages

Is there a book or any other source which goes through the history of which types of hats jews wore throughout history? Also, regarding the Ashkenazi minhag to wear the fedora - why is it worn with ...
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What are the names of these karakul hats among the Hasidim?

Hats of two men in the foreground.
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What are the Names of the Hat types? [closed]

I don't know the names of the different hats worn by various Ashkenazic Jewish people. I know the term "Streimel", and I obviously know what that looks like, but I don't know what's the terms for: -...
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Where would I get this type of hat?

Below is a photo of R' Elio Toaff ז”ל with HH Pope John Paul II. In it, we see R' Toaff wearing a hat traditionally used in certain Ashkenazi and Italki communities, which many Jekkisch chazzanim, ...
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How and when did fedoras arise as acceptable headwear?

Today I learned that the fedora was originally a woman's hat, invented/popularized for women in the late 19th century and only migrating into menswear after 1924 when Prince Edward of England started ...
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Why is the hat often black?

We see here and here questions about wearing a black hat. However, why is the hat black? Is there some sort of kedushah to wearing a black Stetson or Borsalino which is lost in other colours? Or is ...
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Why do Hassidim wear hats that simulate what Non-Jewish czars and kings wore?

I heard from a few people that some of the hats that Hassidim wear such as shtreimelach and spodeks mimic the hat styles worn by previous kings and czars. Perhaps, I heard incorrectly, so feel free to ...
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