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Questions tagged [handedness]

Left-handed or right-handed.

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Someone losing their dominant arm

There are some practical differences between righties and lefties in halacha. What happens if someone loses their dominant arm? Do they gain the halachic status of being dominant with their other arm ...
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Can left handed people place a mezuzah on left side of doors

The basic halacha is that a mezuzah should be placed on the right side of the door. My question is, if a person is left handed is it permissible for them to attach it to the left side of the door? Or ...
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putting tefillin on diabetics with continual glucose intradermal probe inserted

For diabetics with a continual glucose intradermal probe inserted, can tefillin be put on the right arm even though the person is right-handed as the probe does not allow the Shel Yad to be put on ...
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How to tie shoes on a baby when unsure if righty or lefty

There are differences in Halachos regarding a righty verses a lefty in the order of tying shoes. See related question here for more information on what exactly to do. My question is what about when ...
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