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Left-handed or right-handed.

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Can left handed people place a mezuzah on left side of doors

The basic halacha is that a mezuzah should be placed on the right side of the door. My question is, if a person is left handed is it permissible for them to attach it to the left side of the door? Or ...
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putting tefillin on diabetics with continual glucose intradermal probe inserted

For diabetics with a continual glucose intradermal probe inserted, can tefillin be put on the right arm even though the person is right-handed as the probe does not allow the Shel Yad to be put on ...
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Someone losing their dominant arm

There are some practical differences between righties and lefties in halacha. What happens if someone loses their dominant arm? Do they gain the halachic status of being dominant with their other arm ...
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How to tie shoes on a baby when unsure if righty or lefty

There are differences in Halachos regarding a righty verses a lefty in the order of tying shoes. See related question here for more information on what exactly to do. My question is what about when ...
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Changing tefilin from left-handed to right-handed

My son's Bar Mitzvah is coming soon, and he's studying with a rabbi. When learning how to put tefilin, rabbi said that my tefilin is not good for him, because it's apparently for a left-handed person ...
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How should a person wearing t'fillin on his right hand strike his left chest at 'oshamnu'

On days when Tachnun is said, gently strike the left side of your chest (over the heart) with a closed fist at the words חטאנו and פעשנו. (from Kehot) How should a left handed person wearing t'fillin ...
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Halachic Differences between lefties and righties [duplicate]

What are the halachic differences between left-handed people and right-handed people? For example, Tefilin are put on right arm for lefties and left arm for righties. Can someone provide a ...
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Shoe-tying order when tying another's shoes

Shulchan Aruch, Orach Chayim 2:4–5: ינעול מנעל ימין תחילה ולא יקשרנו ואחר כך ינעול של שמאל ויקשרנו ויחזור ויקשור של ימין One should don his right shoe first but not tie it, then don his left and tie ...
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Wearing Tefillin the Wrong Way

If: A) You don't have your Tefillin and the only pair available for you to borrow is for the opposite hand you generally use (ie, your dominant hand), or B) You have a cast or splint on your arm or ...
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Baldness as a disqualification for Kohanim

Is it true that most authorities say that baldness and left handedness disqualify a man for Kehunah? Does the same apply for Birchas Kohanim? And why?
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Was "correcting" left-handed children something traditionally done by Jews?

In many societies, efforts are made to "convert" children who are naturally left-handed to using their right hands. As I understand it, modern neurology strongly frowns upon this practice. I recall ...
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Lefties have rights too!

There are many Halachos that a leftie does with his left hand and those that he does with his right hand. For example Shema is always done with the right hand even if you are a leftie. By which other ...
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How should a left-handed person put on his clothes according to Halacha?

Does a left-handed man have to start wearing his clothes from the left side - because his important hand is left, or from the right side - because this is an important hand for most of people?
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