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Questions tagged [handedness]

Left-handed or right-handed.

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Wearing Tefillin the Wrong Way

If: A) You don't have your Tefillin and the only pair available for you to borrow is for the opposite hand you generally use (ie, your dominant hand), or B) You have a cast or splint on your arm or ...
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Lefties have rights too!

There are many Halachos that a leftie does with his left hand and those that he does with his right hand. For example Shema is always done with the right hand even if you are a leftie. By which other ...
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5 votes
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Halachic Differences between lefties and righties [duplicate]

What are the halachic differences between left-handed people and right-handed people? For example, Tefilin are put on right arm for lefties and left arm for righties. Can someone provide a ...
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Shoe-tying order when tying another's shoes

Shulchan Aruch, Orach Chayim 2:4–5: ינעול מנעל ימין תחילה ולא יקשרנו ואחר כך ינעול של שמאל ויקשרנו ויחזור ויקשור של ימין One should don his right shoe first but not tie it, then don his left and tie ...
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