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Can a woman uncover her hair for the sake of employment?

I am aware of many poseqim who hold that in order to get and hold a job, it is permissible for men to remove their kippoth during the interview and their workday. Can a woman who badly needs ...
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What does "p'ruath rosh" actually mean?

It says in the halakha that a married woman may not go out into the public market place with "p'ruath rosh." I have heard that this means "with uncovered head," but this does not seem to match up ...
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Can the status of erwa change?

Can a body part which may reasonably br presumed to have the status of erwa for a particular woman ever lose that status? Some examples are if a woman is widowed or divorced can she legally uncover ...
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Hair covering in photos

Another question asks whether pictures of erva are erva. My question assumes, for the sake of argument, that they are, and asks: May a married woman show photos of herself with her hair uncovered that ...
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What rabbis openly allowed/promoted wearing wigs?

When discussing wigs as a means of covering women's hair, I only heard that rabbis recognized them only aposteriori. What prominent rabbis publicly allowed their use apriori?
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Where in the Tanakh is it derived that females are to cover their heads when praying?

Where in the Tanakh is it extrapolated that females are to cover their heads or hair when praying or reciting the name of HaShem? I form this question upon reading the following: Women and girls ...
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For what purpose do married women need to cover their hair

I'm looking for a sourced reason for what purpose married women (as opposed to women who were never married) need to cover their hair. I have found that it is assumed that it is to make her less ...
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Does a Jewish woman who was married to a non-Jew and then divorced, need to cover her hair?

Does a Jewish woman who was a non-practicing Jew that married a non-Jewish man and had children together, then divorced him and she became Torah observant.... need to cover her hair?
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Head covering a sign of being a bride of HaShem?

Bnei Yisrael’s relationship with HaShem is often described as a marriage; HaShem is the groom and Bnei Yisrael are His bride. See Shir HaShirim for an extended example. The Prophets frequently ...
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Should a married woman cover her hair in the succah?

For women who do not cover their hair while in their own homes, should they cover it while in their own succah? (I.e. does the succah classify as the home for this purpose?) Would it make a ...
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Pictures of married women before they were married - hair uncovered

Is there any reason whatsoever to not look at, or to not display in the house (or submit for job interviews, or use as profile picture on social media, etc etc), pictures of a married women, before ...
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Hair covering in pre-war Europe

Did all women in pre-war Europe cover their hair? I’ve seen pictures of big rabbis' wives with no hair covering, and I heard that it wasn’t a thing in pre-war Europe so technically it’s not really ...
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Tichel wearer moves to Sheitel covered community

If a woman who is custom to covering by means of Tichel/Mitpachat moves to a community in which it is custom for women to wear Sheitels, should she switch to Sheitels? If she attends a synagogue in ...
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Minhag no hair covering for Persian Jewish women?

My sister tells me her ultra-frum married Persian grad school housemate does not cover her hair and that this is their minhag. Can someone confirm this tradition and if so what are the outer signs (if ...
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Must a woman cover her hair during childbirth?

Does a woman need to cover her hair during childbirth or other major medical procedures?
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