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The raising of the Torah scroll, as part of the Torah reading service.

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Repeated Hagbah by the same individual

From this question, it's clear that there is a halachic requirement to do a "good" hagbah. This one emphasizes that, by saying that a gabbai who knows the individual can't do a good job shouldn't ...
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Hagbaha on simchas Torah

After the hakafos on simchas Torah many shuls who have a big congregation will split up and have simultaneous reading groups so everyone in the shul can get an aliyah (which is the custom). My ...
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When did the custom of using 2 people for hagbah and gelilah begin?

Megillah 32a says: עשרה שקראו בתורה הגולל ספר תורה קיבל שכר כולן If ten have read from the Torah (meaning that at least ten verses have been read; not that there was a minyan of at least 10 ...
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Is there a source which states that the Baal Koreh should accompany the Sefer Torah back to the Ark?

Shulchan Oruch O Ch 23 149 (1) writes הגה - ובמקומות שמצניעין אותו בהיכל שהוא הארון בב"ה מצוה לכל מי שעוברת לפניו ללותה עד לפני הארון שמכניסין אותו שם [ד"ע ומהרי"ל] וכן הגולל ילך אחר הס"ת עד ...
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Hagbah in a partitioned room

Over Yom Tov I was in a shul which was converted from a house into a shul. The sanctuary was divided by a walled staircase, such that one could not see from one part into the other, like so: | | ...
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Changing Hagba During Simchas Torah?

How can allusions to like "turn the Torah over because it's all in it" - הֲפֹךְ בָּהּ וַהֲפֹךְ בָּהּ, דְּכֹלָּא בָהּ [Avos 5:22]) justify putting the Torah at greater risk of falling or tearing by ...
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