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Polishing windows on Shabbat

According to this summary, there are some poskim who hold it prohibited in all cases to polish glass dishes on Shabbat, whereas some allow if one intends to use the dish on Shabbos. My question is, ...
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Do decorations on glasses absorb? [closed]

We are Sephardic and follow the opinion that glasses can be used for both meat and milk, whether hot or cold, because glass never absorbs. According to this opinion, are glasses with decorations on ...
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Eating with a plate that had non-kosher food on it at one point in the past [closed]

In light of this quarantine, If someone is spending shabbat at non-observant relatives and the house is not kosher. If the person runs out of paper plates, would he be able to eat from a glass plate ...
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Kashering glass used for hot food (Askhenazi custom)

Dears, I am a little lost on the topic of kashering the glass. I read there is a custom not to kasher glass (for the Askhenazi), but I also read they do kasher glass. Some just by washing it, some by ...
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Criteria for "nefilat apayim"?

According to Mishnah Berurah (OC 131:13, and quoted in this answer), if one is outside the shul, but the door to the shul is open, and from his location he can see the place of the Aron, he should do ...
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Does a table require tevila?

Does a table need to be toiveled if it is made of glass? It doesn't seem to be common practice, but I would think it's a כלי אכילה.
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Kashering glass plates

We bought from eBay glass fish-shaped plates, manufactured by Arocroc (France) in 1970 or so. The listing had "unused" in the description but that is not certified. How does one kasher glass plates?
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Eating by one who doesn't separate glass

Some, mainly Ashkenazim, hold that glass dishes must be separated between milk and meat. Some, mainly Sefardim, do not. May the former eat on the latter's glass dishes?
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Is it permissible to use a Hotel's Drinking Glasses?

Is one allowed to use the glass cups provided by a hotel (usually in the bathroom) for drinking? Or is there a Kashrus problem?
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