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One of the hermeneutical principles of interpreting the Torah, wherein a law from one case is applied to another case if the same Scriptural word is used.

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Hekesh vs Gezeira Shava

Gittin 41b discusses whether a Gezeira Shava or Hekesh "is stronger" (prevails). The arguments back and forth are not relevant to my question. The ״לָהּ״–״לָהּ״ Gezeira Shava is not attacked ...
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Gezeira Shava - They were taught the word? or the verse?

There's a semi famous idea regarding gezeira shavas (learning one law to another context through the use of parallel language in both locations), that Chazal had a tradition for which words to use but ...
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Is gezeirah shavah limited to specific contexts?

My understanding of gezeirah shavah (GS) was that it must come from tradition (one cannot invent one's own) involves identical unnecessary words in (at least) two different contexts does not have to ...
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The tradition of a Gezeira Shava

A number of questions and answers (here is one, for example) have pointed out that expounding text by means of a gezeriah shava requires a mesorah, a teaching from one's teacher, and that different ...
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How it it possible to use different words and yet still be a Gezeira Shava?

I can understand how a gezeira shava would work when the word used is similar, like "kicha kicha m'sdei Ephron" in the beginning of Maseches Kiddushin. But logically speaking, how can we have a 4 way ...
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I thought Gezeirah Shavah requires Mesorah

In Masecheth Rosh Hashanah (9b), the Gemara uses a Gezeirah Shavah from Tishrei, with the word שנה, to support the Mishnah's ruling that 'Orlah is counted from Tishrei. In response, however, the ...
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