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What resources exist for a ger toshav?

I am trying to observe the 7 Noahide commandments, as a ger toshav. However, I am struggling to find resources that apply to a ger toshav and can only find resources that apply to Jews. What resources ...
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Can a Ger Toshav own land in Eretz Yisrael?

Once the ger toshav becomes accepted when the Yovel/Jubilee year is in effect, can the ger toshav own land in Eretz Yisrael?
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1 answer

Can one invite a Noachide to the Seder Pesach? [duplicate]

I just read that the Rogatchover Gaon ruled that a Noachide can become a Ger Toshav on his own, without Rabbinical approval (which is otherwise impossible until the yovel is declared), by simply ...
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Respect the stranger?

The word גר is commonly translated convert. However, we are commanded to love the גר as we were גרים in Egypt. Exodus 22:21, ibid 23:9, Deuteronomy 10:18-19. How can the Jewish people be said to have ...
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Is a Vegetarian Disqualified for being a Ger Toshav

Regarding a Ger Toshav the Gemara in Avoda Zarah (64b) says: איזהו גר תושב זה גר אוכל נבילות שקבל עליו לקיים כל מצות האמורות בתורה חוץ מאיסור נבילות Who is a Ger Toshav? He who takes ...
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Is it possible to undo someone's conversion? [duplicate]

If someone converted to judaism via an Institution X, can an institution Y undo the conversion or make a proclamation saying they do not recognize this conversion as a true conversion?
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0 answers

tevilat keilim - ger toshav and meshumad

Do keilim (eating utensils) bought from an artisan who is a ger toshav (observant non-Jew) require tevilah (ritual immersion)? Conversely, what if the artisan is a meshumad (Jewish idolator/heretic)?
8 votes
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Can a Jew drink wine of a ger toshav?

I've heard it said that a Jew cannot drink the wine of a non-Jew. Can a Jew drink the wine of a ger toshav? It appears to me that the reason a Jew cannot drink from a non-Jew's wine is that it is ...
4 votes
0 answers

Why is the ger toshav only accepted during the times of the Jubilee?

Why is the ger toshav only accepted during the times of the Jubilee? "A person who accepts these seven mitzvot is a ger toshav. A ger toshav may be accepted only in the era when the [laws of the] ...