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Questions tagged [geometry-shapes]

Questions regarding geometry - such as halachically-required dimensions and proportions of religious objects and/or domains.

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Facing Jerusalem while davening

In a 3 Dimensional geometric structure like a sphere, you can "stand" at any point 'A' and continuously be facing another point 'B' in question. You can stand on the beach of long island and ...
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What was the shape of Noach's Teivah? Box or Houseboat?

I always recall learning that Noach's Teivah was a box-like shape. The secular world have always depicted it as a houseboat. The secular site of the Teivah's resting place which is the most ...
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Asterisk and star shape?

The Talmud (RH 24b; brought also in Sh.Ar. YD 141, 7) says it is forbidden to make a shape of sun, moon or stars. לא תעשון כדמות שמשיי המשמשין לפני כגון חמה לבנה כוכבים ומזלות So, is it permitted ...
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What are the reasons for the unique shape of the Lechem Hapanim?

What is the reason for the unique shape of the Lechem Hapanim? I am aware of Rashi's explanation citing the mishna in Menachos 11:4 for the reason of its name is accredited to the multiple surfaces it ...
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How rounded must a garment's corner be in order to not require tzitzis? [duplicate]

The Shulchan Aruch (Orach Chayim 10:9) states that a garment's corners must be squared and not rounded in order for the garment to require tzitzis. For example, if a kopoto's corner was altered to be ...
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May a chanuka menorah be any shape? [duplicate]

This is a more specific asking of "what may a menorah look like", whose answer only regulated candle height. So long as the artist is mindful regarding the prohibition against idols, may a menorah ...
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2 answers

When did the spice box get it's classical shape?

All Havdala Bsamamim boxes I have ever seen are in the shape of a tower. Why (and when) did it take on that classical shape (rather than just a silver box)?
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