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Will Geirim (proselytes) receive a future land allotment?

Will converts to the Israelite religion, also known as geirim or proselytes, who have no land allotment in the land of Israel and can't permanently own Israelite land receive a land allotment in the ...
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If the Torah tells us 36 times to love the stranger where did the sephardic minhag of not marrying geirim come from?

To my understanding, the Syrian Jewish community of New York adheres to an "Edict" forbidding marriage to a convert. If the Torah tells us 36 times to love the convert where did this ...
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Motivation for Disallowing Conversions

What was the motivation of the Syrian community's rabbis for disallowing conversions and when did it happen? Did any other Sephardi communities join in this decision later on?
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